Audestée is a brand for Keyindom Berhad (1168603-P / AJL 932141) that provides alternative beauty and health products for our members. Audestée is set to build a different platform for us to get in touch with our consumers – through uni level and  direct marketing. We emphasize the importance of 'Ethics Commitment' in our organisation which then holds the bond between us with our health professionals, customers , suppliers and the communities. We believe a combination of excellence in quality & services together with this ethics commitment clearly defines a positive culture in our company.

‘Your Beauty & Health Companion’ is the motto of our brand and it will always be our inspiration and promise to our beloved members and customers. Audestée is derived from a combination of French words which means “Deeply Rich Star”. It Inspires us in our approach in inventing and delivering quality products that are loved and beneficial to our beloved users in the entire world.
To be a leading uni-level company that provide Halal beauty and health alternative products in Malaysia by 2020.
  1. We are a business entity.
  2. We distributes Halal  beauty and health products for local and international customers and/or members.
  3. We work professionally and efficiently in preparing business platform for members who would like to improve their economic status.
  4. We strive to bring new meanings to people's wellness and economical status in leading a more prosperous life.


Commit to the research and development of high quality products for local and global users.


Nurture working environment that encourages new ideas and willingness to learn more

Customers Satisfaction

Apply the highest standard of excellence during production and after sale services that later will develop enthusiastically satisfied customers.


Establish a positive culture that supports our team’s self-development so that they can provide exceptional service to our customers.


Develop and create positive networking among our members and business partners locally and globally


Recognize that profitability is essential for our company’s growth